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 Shearing Machine

This machine is required for cutting sized body blank & top bottom blanks from a sheet or a coil. The structure is steel fabricated that gives it an extra strength and rigidity. For smooth & trouble free operation, an appropriate lubricating system is provided everywhere. The shearing blades are made out of best quality material, hardened and ground to its best standard, both the blades are reversible type so that all the four edges can be utilized, giving the blades an extra lift. All the moving parts (Bushing) are made up of phosphorus bronze. The maximum speed is given to achieve more production.   Products Images

Double Edge Grinding Machine

Edge grinding is a very special operation in manufacturing of Drums & Barrels, because some amount of material is to be removed from the edges of the body, which give advantages to

  Welding operations (removes dirt, oiliness, etc.), extra strength to the weld and a leak proof joint.
B) Flanging operation.
  End seaming operation (lesser thickness of side seam overlap). Maximum parts of the machine are steel fabricated. It can absorb all the jerks & vibration caused due to the grinding wheel. Proper dressing arrangement is for smooth grinding. The entire machine is divided in 3 parts as A) Centre table on fixed guide rails by means of pneumatically operated long cylinder. B) Right hand side grinding unit C) Left hand side grinding unit. All the tree are properly assembled; micro setting arrangement is given for maintaining highly precise gap between the grinding wheels.   Products Images

Round Rolling Machine

This machine is required for making Body balk in round roll forms, before spot-weld & side seam weld. The performance of welding & shape of the drum & barrel is totally dependent on this operation. The machine shown here gives perfect round trouble free operation, It can be operated easily & can be adjusted rapidly for drum bodies of various diameters. The rolls are of best quality sheet and run on gun metal bearings, machine is designed to be rolled on wide range of diameters of bodies, different gauges, and hardness of material. Appropirate proper lubrication is provided. Products Images

Spot Welding

The Rocker arm spot welding machine is an important machine in manufacturing Drums & Barrels. It is better to give some spots to the body sides before side seam welding operation. The machine can also be used for spot welding the handles etc., this machine is specially designed with a longer arm, better rated transformer & electronic timer, also given are various tapping to transformer for welding current selection enabling universal use.    Products Images


Side Seam Welding Machine

The illustrated model is for side seam welding to full length of the hollow drum & barrel body. The machine body is steel fabricated with extra ribbings & heavy structural design with heavy duty transformer used as the main power source for continuous welding operations. The machine is equipped with upper & lower weld wheel made out of good quality Beryllium copper; Its bearings shaft, housing etc. are all made of Brass & Copper. D.C Variable drives with electrnic speed control, water cooling system with necesary valves. Multi tapping system, welding transformer for load selection, best available pneumatic equipment like power cylinder piping & D.C valves etc. The logic control with timer & heat control standard card for getting best possible welding quality. Microprocesor is also available on request with which a bypass connector switch is provided.   Products Images

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