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The opening up of economy and the spurt of interstate and international business has led to requirement of reliable transportation means for goods. Major industrial houses want to reduce the losses incurred during transportation and hence the need of safe packaging materials has become inevitable. The emergence of corrugated boxes and die-cutting box making machines provide readymade solution to their problems. Within few years the wooden boxes used by fruit farmers and glass manufacturers have been replaced by corrugated boxes.

Supermachs has evolved to provide the entire range of corrugated box making machinery ranging from paper converting machines to die-cutting machines. The range of allied machinery made by us surpasses any other industrial unit.

Super is an established name in the field of packaging machines manufacture. The wide range of high quality products that we make depicts the level of our technical and managerial prowess. Through the years in this field we have developed cordial relations with all our clients and distributors. The efficiency of our manpower enables us to achieve high level of unmatched standards.

Supermachs is a leading name in the manufacturing of following types of machines:-

Corrugated box plant machinery :- corrugation machines, die cutting (creasing) machine, reel to sheet cutter, board cutter, sheet pasting machine, sheet pressing machine, eccentric slotter, rotary cutting & creasing machine, box stitching machine, automatic carton folding & pasting machine, hot stamping printing machine, partition slotter, punching & round cornering machine, hot stamping foil attachment.


Binding Machinery :- hydraulic type fully automatic paper cutting machine, spring loaded type fully automatic paper cutting machine, semi automatic paper cutting machine, ordinary paper cutting machine, book stitching machine, sheet lamination machine, thread book sewing machine, perfect book binding machine, disc ruling machine, book pressing machine, envelope punching machine ,file master, paper folding machine, varnishing machine, paper shredding machine,
knife re-grinding machine.

Other Related Machinery:-spiral binding machine, perforating machine, paper cutting Knives, rotary cutting & creasing machine, round cornering punching machine, corner cutting machine ,single slotter title creasing machine, bending & creasing machine ,lead & rule cutter dab press proof press eye letting machine, three slot One corner cutting machine, paper bag making machine , toilet roll making machine, paper napkin plant paper /card sheet/graining/embossing machine , paper embossing machine- reel to reel.

Agricultural Products-Supermachs Industries, India are the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Agricultural Equipments, Folding cultivator Tiller, Rotavator Rotary Tiller, Cultivator, Mold Bold Plough ,Discs Harrow, Chiseller Sub Soiler, Discs Plough, Rotary Cutter, Mounted OFF Ser Discs Harrow, Automatic Potato Planter, Auger Pole hole Digger, Disc Harrow, Rotary Cutter, Zero Till Drill, Rotary Till drill, Tines, Shovels, Harrow Discs, Wheel Type Tandom disc, Disc Plough, Reversible Shovels, Heavy Duty Shovels, Duck Foot Sweeps, Disc, Seed Drill ,Leveler , Rotavator Rotary Tiller like Agricultural Equipments.

Other Machine-Cold Heading Machine, Head Slotting Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Heading Machine Cold......Read More

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